Spotlight Playlist: iT

This week’s playlist is a collection of Italian music as versatile as everything the country has to offer. Featuring songs that range from old-school folk to modern pop-rock, listen to something Italian other than Andrea Bocelli. Special thanks to those ‘Talians on campus who contributed to the playlist! (Esp. Paolo Degiorgi, Fernando de Stefanis, Michele Moghrabi, Mario Peracchi, Alessandro Rubini, and Angelo Rustichini) Consider it … Continue reading Spotlight Playlist: iT

“An Island off Miami…”

I met Jessica when I was in fourth grade, in Ms. Babani’s class at Key Biscayne Community School. She had just moved to Miami from Iron Mountain, Michigan. Ten years later, she and I are at the beach on Key Biscayne taking photos. Though they were taken in Miami, they look nothing like what you would expect Miami to be; they lack the anticipated vibrancy. Everything … Continue reading “An Island off Miami…”

Hyde Park: Stills

  These are images I took the last day before leaving Hyde Park for winter break. Some of my favorite things are pictured: Salonica’s, LaCroix, the dairy isle of HPP, and Stefan’s gloves. What I like most about these photos are the feeling of a home away from home that they invoke, the familiarity of a favorite diner with some of your favorite people. The … Continue reading Hyde Park: Stills


THE GENRE  Not the dirt you find on kitchen counters, but rather the music genre straight out of London’s early 2000s. It grew out of an earlier form of percussive electronic music known as UK Garage, a style marked by shuffling drum beats and the occasional pitch-shifted vocal samples. The other major influence is ragga (short for raggamuffin, Patois slang self-applied to mean music of … Continue reading Grime