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New Furthur

A blend of atmospheric, jungle, and liquid Drum n’ Bass, with tiny sprinkles of ambient music and retro-style electro. A playlist good for both studying and cruising around with. going for vibes of love and warmth only. – Loki Aguilera-Keifert Check out our latest playlist, courtesy of Loki A-K! As always, stay tuned… Playlist Submission: Loki Aguilera-Keifert Photo From: Continue reading New Furthur

Songs NOT by Ed Sheeran

This Valentine’s Day celebrate the perfection that is the shape of you. Just thinking out loud, we thought it would be super cute to take a photograph of all you Galaway Girl’s who know that hearts don’t break around here at Polyfonik! Here’s a playlist composed of entirely NOT Ed Sheeran songs. Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Polyfonik ❤   Photo By: Carlotta Verita Continue reading Songs NOT by Ed Sheeran

Spotlight Playlist: iT

This week’s playlist is a collection of Italian music as versatile as everything the country has to offer. Featuring songs that range from old-school folk to modern pop-rock, listen to something Italian other than Andrea Bocelli. Special thanks to those ‘Talians on campus who contributed to the playlist! (Esp. Paolo Degiorgi, Fernando de Stefanis, Michele Moghrabi, Mario Peracchi, Alessandro Rubini, and Angelo Rustichini) Consider it … Continue reading Spotlight Playlist: iT