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Ben Glover, Black Sam

Hi, my name is Ben Glover, I’m a fourth year, and I’m a rapper who goes by the name ‘Black Sam’. An outdated statement: Ben Glover graduated from the University of Chicago on June 9th, after submitting his thesis to the Undergraduate Program in Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies, which he made publically available here: Perhaps the most impressive thing about Ben Glover is … Continue reading Ben Glover, Black Sam

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The Boys Behind Meter Room

Everyone’s dancing, the music is bumping, temperature is rising… Unlike most other parties one finds at the University of Chicago, Meter Room had no lulls in energy or lack of enthusiasm. On Friday nights, the boiler room of a Hyde Park apartment building turned into a five-hour house music hub. Adam Raphael and Daniel Chavez, the boys behind Meter Room, talk about their experience as … Continue reading The Boys Behind Meter Room

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Origins of House Music

House music; you’ve heard and probably used this term before. Unfortunately, most people don’t really know what House music is and how it originated. It started in Chicago in the early 80’s, rising as changing tastes led Disco music to its downfall. The over-commercialization of Disco and its increasingly racist and homophobic insinuations resulted in its rejection by the public, which culminated in Chicago’s 1979 … Continue reading Origins of House Music


THE GENRE  Not the dirt you find on kitchen counters, but rather the music genre straight out of London’s early 2000s. It grew out of an earlier form of percussive electronic music known as UK Garage, a style marked by shuffling drum beats and the occasional pitch-shifted vocal samples. The other major influence is ragga (short for raggamuffin, Patois slang self-applied to mean music of … Continue reading Grime