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‘In the Shadow of a Prolific Monument’ – Felipe Urrutia

Sitting behind the Taj Mahal, the Yamuna River is a landscape overlooked by the millions of tourists that visit Agra annually. Emperor Shah Jahan commissioned the mausoleum in what used to be a pristine landscape. Mughal architects accounted for the river’s natural fog to create an illusion of levitation. Now, the city of Agra is shrouded in a dense smog, some days obscuring the Taj … Continue reading ‘In the Shadow of a Prolific Monument’ – Felipe Urrutia

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“Starry Night” – Tom Budzeń

The first time I came across pictures of stars I thought one thing: photoshop. After some research I realised that it was possible to take such pictures, and due to a developing passion for photography I took it upon myself to take some of the Milky Way. The most important thing about star photography is by far the location, as you want to aim for … Continue reading “Starry Night” – Tom Budzeń

“An Island off Miami…”

I met Jessica when I was in fourth grade, in Ms. Babani’s class at Key Biscayne Community School. She had just moved to Miami from Iron Mountain, Michigan. Ten years later, she and I are at the beach on Key Biscayne taking photos. Though they were taken in Miami, they look nothing like what you would expect Miami to be; they lack the anticipated vibrancy. Everything … Continue reading “An Island off Miami…”

Hyde Park: Stills

  These are images I took the last day before leaving Hyde Park for winter break. Some of my favorite things are pictured: Salonica’s, LaCroix, the dairy isle of HPP, and Stefan’s gloves. What I like most about these photos are the feeling of a home away from home that they invoke, the familiarity of a favorite diner with some of your favorite people. The … Continue reading Hyde Park: Stills