Street Art: Mexico City – Tom Budzen

Graffiti as an art form first started in New York, where people would write their name with spray paint in an effort to gain some recognition. Pretty soon, graffiti became popular around the globe and came to Mexico City as well. For a while, the main form of graffiti was tagging or “throw-ups”, large two-tone tags written in bubbly font. It was largely illegal, but that did not stop the youth from spray-painting anything they could find. The mural movement gained popularity in the early 20thcentury, through the works of Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, and David Alfaro Siqueiros. The modern street art movement, however, is still frowned upon those who still view it as a form of vandalism.

With the goal of stopping illegal graffiti, the Mexican government started backing street art festivals and commissioning murals on walls around the city. While in Mexico City over Thanksgiving break, I took a street art tour with Mexican street artist Remix (@remixuno), who has been in the scene for over 15 years. He has done works for major brands as well as the Mexican government. I walked around the city and got to experience both the illegal and legal works, and have fallen in love with the Mexican street art movement. Check out some of my favorite works, as well as one done by me as the final part of the tour.




Huge thanks to Tom for another amazing photo series!!! Looking forward to see what comes next!!!!

As always, stay tuned…


— If anyone else would be interested in submitting any work, please reach out —

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