This week we’ve got a special playlist by first years Joao Panicali and Pablo Luchau. A collection of old and new school hiphop from Brazil to get you in the mood for Spring Break!

“My name is Joao and I am from Sao Paulo, Brazil. This playlist right here contains a selection of the most iconic rap/hiphop songs that I listened to when I lived in Brazil from 2011 to 2015. The playlist is a mix between old school and new school rap with tracks that combine musical elements and genres that are characteristic of Brazil. Although there isn’t a fixed chronological order to the songs, the first songs are more old school, the majority being from the 1990’s and 2000’s, while the later songs are from 2010 onwards. By listening to this playlist, one can grasp how rap and hiphop has changed over time in brazil and how it is influence by not only Brazilian music but trends around the world, such as American trap and hispanic genres. Even if you don’t know portuguese listen to it! I assure you will find things that are different from anything you’ve listened to. Now, sit down, relax, call some friends and enjoy. Oh, and one last thing: É RAP NACIONAL, PORRA!” -Joao Panicali (Sao Paulo, BR)

“I’m not Brazilian, don’t speak Portuguese. This music is dope as hell though, just listen to it. These tracks have a rhythm and sound that I have barely heard in the US recently. They have a sort of funky rhythm mixed with a hard bass that makes this music so rich. Honestly, though I barely understand it, it is some of the most varied sound I’ve hear in a while. These rappers’ voices radiate zeal, making it easy to actually feel the music and the life behind it. It’s fun, its hard, it’s good. Enjoy!”  – Pablo Luchau (Miami, FL) 



Playlist By: Joao Panicali

Cover Art: Pablo Luchau


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