“Starry Night” – Tom Budzeń

The first time I came across pictures of stars I thought one thing: photoshop. After some research I realised that it was possible to take such pictures, and due to a developing passion for photography I took it upon myself to take some of the Milky Way. The most important thing about star photography is by far the location, as you want to aim for as little light pollution as possible.  Luckily, this past summer I found myself in Maui, Hawaii, and that is where these photos are from.  The sky I saw there was definitely the most spectacular I have ever seen in my life, and my camera caught even more than my eyes could see. The 30 second shutter speed and increased ISO sensitivity captured even the dimmest light sources. I read somewhere that the best star photography there is an interesting foreground, so in all my pictures I wanted to catch some palm trees to hint at tropical location. In my opinion, they add a special touch that perfectly complements the stars. Initially I assumed that the foreground would just be a shadowy outline, but the camera caught both the colour and intricacies of the flora.  After my experience in Hawaii I tried taking other star pictures, but none of them came out as wonderfully as these.


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