“An Island off Miami…”

I met Jessica when I was in fourth grade, in Ms. Babani’s class at Key Biscayne Community School. She had just moved to Miami from Iron Mountain, Michigan. At that point in time, one of my favorite books was Princess Academy by Shannon Hale. The protagonist of the book was a young girl named Miri who lived on Mount Eskel, whose family mined the stone from the mountain. Jessica was Miri, a girl from a mining town who’s life changed when exposed to a different reality. Ten years later, Miri and I are at the beach on Key Biscayne taking photos.

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Though the photos were taken in Miami, they look nothing like what you would expect Miami to be; they lack the anticipated vibrancy. Everything about it seems cold; the sand, the water, the sky. It seems foreign and still, with a color scheme similar to a light marble. Perfect for Miri from Iron Mountain.

Photos By: Carlotta Verita

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