Meet Tennis, the band serving warm, summery vibes all year long. Originating from Denver, Colorado, Tennis was born when now husband-and-wife duo Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley met at the University of Colorado, Denver in 2008. After returning from an eight month sailing expedition down the Eastern Atlantic Seaboard post-graduation, Alaina and Patrick recorded their first EP titled Baltimore. Since then, they’ve produced four studio albums and two EPs, have toured all over Europe and the United States, and even performed at festivals such as FYF Fest and Coachella. They will be stopping by Metro in Chicago on Saturday, January 13th on their Yours Conditionally Tour.



Alaina’s voice croons sweetly over groovy rhythms giving the band a very retro feel. This nostalgia is echoed throughout their overall style, from the bands image to their cover art and even their name (Tennis was really popular during the 70s and 80s). Their sound can be loosely categorized as a mix of indie pop, dream pop, and lo-fi surf pop. Cape Dory, their debut album, is a cute tale of Alaina and Patrick’s romantic boat trip, playing on themes of first love and the beach. Young and Old introduces rock and roll elements to their signature pop sound, creating more intricate melodies, as seen on “Dreaming” and “Origins.” Ritual in Repeat, produced by Spoon’s Jim Eno, brings in more funk and soul; on “Night Vision” her voice reverberates over a rattling drum beat.

Their latest album, Yours Conditionally, shows off their most interesting songwriting yet whilst highlighting Alaina’s beautiful, powerful voice. “Women are much closer to nature,” she sings on “My Emotions Are Blinding,” a track that plays on the male/female dichotic stereotype of rational versus emotion. On “Ladies Don’t Play Guitar,” her voice is more sultry and raspy, teasing the listener; while she sings about an “archetype” of the listeners desire. Alaina herself does in fact play guitar, and so much more on the track and the album as a whole. Check out the playlist below for a sample of their sound.



Alaina Moore (vocals, keyboards, guitar)

Patrick Riley (guitar, bass)

former member, James Barone (drums)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Tennis will be playing at Metro on Saturday, January 13 at 9:00 PM (GA 18 & over). Purchase tickets here.

Written by Andrea Tabora 


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